clients are our top priority

Do this for every criterion, account by account, and you’ll come up with a way to measure and compare the “partnerability” of each account. Another client was a regional petroleum supplier. One of their criteria was the distance from the customer to their nearest distribution facility. Because of the relative importance of freight costs, if the account were geographically close to their facility and far away from a competitor’s, that was good.

clients are our top priority

The degree to which those products/services are important to them. While asking uss express working hours is always the easiest way to get this number, it doesn’t always work.

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Our Clients’ Are Our Top Priority

A number of years ago, I came across a similar principle put forth in the book, “Everything I Need to Know About Success, I Learned in the Bible,” by Richard Gaylord Briley. Briley described the 5/50 principle, which states that 50% of the jobs and affluence in a society will be generated by the work of 5% of the population.

  • If you have 100 accounts, approximately 20 – 50 will be Cs.
  • In fact, the personal relationships between you and the key players there are very good.
  • Some accounts don’t know, and others know but they won’t tell you.
  • If you understand your customers, you’ll be able to gain their trust for the long-term.
  • One of my clients, whose company sells industrial supplies, calculates the QPC based on the number of cars in the employee parking lot, and the type of business.

On one hand, a professional salesperson ought to be able to build positive business relationships with anyone. On the other, it’s a whole lot easier with some people. One of my clients, whose company sells industrial supplies, calculates the QPC based on the number of cars in the employee parking lot, and the type of business. For example, he knows that in a tool and die shop, each car in the employee parking lot means a certain number, let’s say $1,000, of annual cutting tools usage. So, a tool and die shop with 15 cars in the employee parking lot will typically buy $15,000 worth of cutting tools.

Related Businesses

Again, if you have 50 accounts, somewhere between 10 and 25 will be Cs. If you have 100 accounts, approximately 20 – 50 will be Cs. In our example, above, we’ve identified Smith, Jones, and Brill as Cs. $2,100,000100$1,450,000$1,200,000$759,000$647,000$129,00010Now, you know the range from top to bottom.

On the other hand, those that are characterized by high employee turnover, bad attitudes, sloppy and unorganized facilities, and no plans are likely to struggle in the future. Notice the word “Quantified” in the uss express working hours title of this measurement. It means that you have some logical, defendable way of determining how much they could buy from you. Too many salespeople rely on intuition and gut reactions and are often misguided.

And all of the efforts, be they product, engineering, sales or marketing, should support that strategy. Customer service can be a very demanding aspect of any company’s day to day operations. And if it’s not timely and appropriately addressed, the backlash can be quite damaging.

clients are our top priority

AssetMark is a leading provider of extensive wealth management and technology solutions that help financial advisors meet the ever-changing needs of their clients and businesses. The easiest way is to ask the account and have them give you an honest and accurate answer. In some industries and with some accounts this is the norm. You may be selling production machinery, for example.

Your Customers’ Top 3 Priorities

We know from D&B reports that this particular company has sales of about $30,000,000. Finally, we know, again from industry surveys, that the average salesperson in this industry manages a territory of about $1.75 million. $30,000,000 divided by $1.75 yields a likely number of salespeople of 17 salespeople. Multiply the 17 times $50,000 yields a likely sales payroll of $850,000. Let’s use a 2% estimate of how much they are likely to spend on training. That’s the midpoint in the 1.5% to 3.5% spectrum. What’s the QPC for sales training in this account?

Better Results = Focusing On A Few High Potential Accounts

When facing customers, more important than who is right or wrong in the customer-business dynamic, is your responsibility to always do what’s best for both your company and your customers. Most customers just want to be heard and understood. So the customer-business relationship should never be adversarial. If you think that a customer is wrong, there is no benefit in making them feel that they are wrong. It can be a good idea to establish ideal client profiles as well. This way, you’ll only onboard clients that are a good fit for your specialty, raising the odds of a successful relationship. Spend 50% of your time on the A accounts, and 50% on the others.

Reasons Why Customers Should Always Be A Top Priority

This is especially true during volatile market conditions. An advisor might spend all of their energy managing their client’s portfolio to ensure a high level of performance instead of managing the client themselves. To implement this strategy, take the six general characteristics discussed above, and mesh them with at least four criteria that you create. These new criteria should be specific to your company or industry.

Make sure your customers know that you care about them, and do your best to deliver (if not over-deliver) on your promises to them. But above all, create goodwill whenever you interact with them. Only then will your business obtain loyal customers, who will in turn use their own energy and time to spread the word about your satisfactory service. The more time you spend building rapport with your clients, learning about their lives, and clarifying their goals, the more you’ll understand what matters most to them. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust their financial plan to address those priorities. Use the criteria to create a 0 – 100 partnerability rating for every account.



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